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Baraque District

This residential area located in the northeast section of Louvain-la-Neuve is an alternative housing district for the less eccentric and the wild.

Iron or woods caravans, renovated buses, clay-straw houses, paper, glass and other recuperated materials make up the miscellaneous decor of the streets of Baraque.  This district came to be thanks to its anti-establishment residents and their ecological ideology, by their refusal to move to live in the first hastily constructed community buildings.  They built their own houses out of wood or rehabilitated strange trailers into housing.

A spirit of solidarity and independence characterizes the residents of the district.  Garbage handling, common space managment (local community centre, gardens and trails), vegetable gardens and groves are an integral part of their daily life.  

No roads are marked on the city map, no real statute for this district, but a true tranquility which must be respected if you venture here.