Bois des Rêves (“Woods of Dreams”)

The "Bois des Rêves" Park is one of the major tourist attractions of Walloon Brabant.  

Attractions include a large stretch of woods, 17 km of walking paths, a marked trail for walkers and joggers connecting the Woods of Dreams to the Lauzelle Woods, an enclosed ATV path, a fishing pond and a fitness trail.  

The park include a large parking lot, a playing field for children ages 2 to 13, two outdoor pools, a picnic area, a sanitary pavilion, a purification station, an information center and a horse trail along the reserve.  

Already around in 1936


The origin of this relaxation area dates back to 1936 : on an approximately 7-hectares lot surrounding the pond, were created trails and a “mushroom” under which the public could come dance tangos and accordion waltzes.  A railroad stop also served the same location.  

Ten years later, the Baron Empain bought the premises and added a pool and playing field.

The Province of Brabant acquired the area on January 29, 1971, with plans to create a recreational center for social tourism.  It was opened to the public on September 20, 1980.

Walk in the Woods of Dreams


The play book for children and their parents, “On Robin’s Trail” (french version only) available for purchase in the Tourism Office, gives a better understanding of nature and the forest, leading the walkers along the educational and marked trail. 

Promotional brochures and information files regarding the area are also available on site.  Coordinators are present to access the information center and the reserve.

A marked trail takes you through the Bois des Rêves to Bruyères district in Louvain-la-Neuve.
This route is part of a seven walks brochure (2.50 €) and can be viewed online.

An area map is available for free by simple request at the Tourism-Inforville Office.


Domaine Provincial du Bois des Rêves

Allée du bois des Rêves, 1
1340 Ottignies
010/41 60 72

For more information, visit the Walloon Brabant Province website.