The Lake of Louvain-la-Neuve

The lake of Louvain-la-Neuve is a 7-hectare stretch of water created in 1984 to serve as a storm basin and fishing pond.  

The lake is a particular point of interest for the flora and fauna.  Its slight slope and deep area encouraged the creation of an island and a vegetation belt that covers its edges.  Various bird species make migratory stops here and others can be found here more regularly.  Various amphibians species can also be observed here.  

The lake is frequently visited by fishermen and visitors who comes to relax on nice days.  A
1.570 m pedestrian trail named “Reverie of the Solitary Walker” [Rêverie du Promeneur solitaire], circles the lake, allowing walkers to admire all of its treasures. 
The small white house on the path is a branch of the Cultural Center.

Since the end of November 2009, the lake was completely drained and will remain so for 1 year for cleaning and to make the water clear and translucid.

The steps of this enterprise can be followed in our news !