Lauzelle Woods

Listed by the Walloon Region since 1994, the Lauzelle Woods and its 20-hectare nature reserve are an integral part of the landscape and natural heritage of the city of Ottignies Louvain-la-Neuve.  

Quiet, nature and its development must be respected here.  In fact, the biological diversity is such that the Lauzelle Woods is a precious resource for UCL scientists who use it as a natural laboratory and carry out a regular study of the environment to survey its development.  

A multitude of birds, deer, wild herbaceous, timber and animal species; orchards, ponds and generous forest flora combine to form a delightful environment for walkers.

A periurban forest

Like most woods and forests, the Woods of Lauzelle are multifunctional and therefore simultaneously fulfill several objectives: timber and heating production, social and environmental functions, and an educational and scientific role.

The Lauzelle Woods have several natural environment protection statutes.  Its presence in an urban region and the diversity of its biotopes justify this protection.  Most of this area is included in the Natura2000 European network.

Walk in the Woods of Lauzelle

Two didactic, marked itineraries invite nature lovers to discover these natural treasures.  They can be found in the brochure “1, 2, 3 we’re going to the woods..." sold for 1€ in the Tourism-Inforville Office (french version).

Upon request, guided tours by the forest ranger may be organized for groups. 

UCL Technical Services Administration
Jean-Claude Mangeot (Forest ranger) +32 (0) 10 41 19 34


The main entrance to the Woods is located at the so called "Barrière du Notaire", Avenue de Lauzelle in Louvain-la-Neuve.  A map shows all of the walking trails.