Pinchart Watercress Bed

The Watercress bed of Pinchart is located in the green and wooded area of the Pinchart Valley, along the meadows road and is bordered on the east by a small stream. 

This old watercress operation dates back nearly one century during which it produced between 500 to 1000 boxes of watercress daily.  Operations were abandoned in the eighties due to a lack of workforce. 

Today, varied flora and fauna can be found here thanks to the fresh, flowing water, rich in aquatic vegetation.  The botanical riches of the watercress bed serve as a refuge and resting place for migratory birds, which is great for ornithologists. 

Information panels in the surrounding areas of the watercress bed summarize the flora and fauna present, like swamp sedge, wild primrose, the Russian frog, grey wagtails or even wild ducks.