The "kots" (dorms) are an unforgettable experience and many students are tempted by the venture.

Searching for student housing in Louvain-la-Neuve can sometimes resemble an obstacle course…

Louvain students embark on a dorm search in March since there is a shortage in the student housing market

Don’t be discouraged, there are solutions !

What is a “kot”?

The word "Kot" (or dorm) comes from Dutch and refers to student life in Leuven where “broom closets” often designate student rooms.

Several types of dorms exist, single housing or community dorms.

University Housing

UCL disposes of numerous dorms with affordable rent, reserved for students registered at UCL and future students.  Some of these accommodations are reserved for freshmen.

Information :

Rue de la Gare 6
1348 Louvain-la-Neuve
010/47 22 92


Another form of UCL housing is the Kots à Projets or KAP'S.

Renting outside UCL

Private renting

Certain private individuals offer studio, room or entire home housing options.
For more information on this housing option, you can consult and download offers from the housing offered by private owners from Info-Logement UCL.

By real estate agency

Real estate agencies offer rentals, of studios up to four rooms, from the Biéreau district to the Rue Charlemagne, for anyone and all budgets.
They can be individual rentals or community dorms.

Get the list of real estate agencies and contact them today !

Need help finding accomodation and understanding the lease?

The AGL created a small brochure entitled "The Kotard Guide" to help you find accomodation and is available for free to answer to your questions.
Available through the AGL or directly online (FR). 

General Student Assembly
Rue des Wallons 67
1348 Louvain-la-Neuve

+32 (0)10 45 08 88